What do the columns mean in the ratings spreadsheet?

Kempton UK, 12 Jan 2019, 1405 [XLSX]

No. – Horse number
Draw – Gate number assigned to horse
LTO – Rating for horse’s last time out, higher number = better
Horse – Horse’s name abbreviated to 3 characters per word, if highlighted in red it is in form and class.
Last 3 – Last 3 runs positions added together, lower number = better
Class – Represents the level of horse, higher number = better

C1-6 – Rates how consistent the horse is using 3 pairs of ratings (C1,C2), (C3,C4) and (C5,C6). In each pair the first element is based on a full set of data while the second element is based on a partial set of data. First element is ranked higher than second element.

For US races only, C1-5 there is 2 pair and a single rating: (C1,C2), (C3,C4) and (C5). Higher the value the better the rating.

lb – How much weight the horse is carrying compared to heaviest horse(0) in race.

Columns C,E-L – If cell is highlighted in grey it means the rating is in the top 50 percent of field

Course,Race Class,Distance & Going – If highlighted in grey means the horse has won for that single attribute